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Welcome to my website! My name is Mahdi, but you can call me Al

I'm passionate about Gonzaga basketball, vintage display technology, artificial intelligence, patent law, mechatronics, aeromedical devices, city flag design, amateur radio, and STEM education.

During business hours, I fly an Army medical evacuations (MEDEVAC) Sikorsky HH-60 Black Hawk. After the duty day, I retreat to my electronics shop where I develop products that I think can change the world for the better. I enjoy writing weekly columns for my hometown newspaper on the weekends; you can check them out by selecting "Writing" on the main toolbar.

These are the areas of ongoing study I want to support:

• Exoskeleton Support for Combat Soldiers
• Helmet-Mounted Displays (HMD) for Airborne Operations
• Spaceflight Associated Neuro-occular Syndrome (SANS)
• Optimizing MEDEVAC Staging and Dispatch Policy for Patient Rescue
• Spinning Litters due to Downwash During Helicopter Hoist Missions

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